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About Rough Rice

Adam James first became interested in fermentation whilst travelling through Japan many years ago. The exact moment was in a tiny sake bar in Kyoto where he was served a snack of fresh tofu topped with the fermented chilli paste, kanzuri, the intense layered flavour and complexity stuck a chord and he has now dedicated his life to try and recreate it.

Previous owner/operator of Hobart’s tricycle cafe, Adam has been dabbling in all things fermented for around six years now. Over the years hobby turned to obsession and he has recently returned from a Churchill Fellowship ‘fermentation world tour’ which took him around the world; Denmark, Italy, France, Georgia, China, Korea, and Japan to study old (and new) fermentation techniques. Upon returning he has written articles on fermentation for Gourmet Traveller and The Australian and is now focussing on expanding his range of fermented condiments and pop up events around the country. He is currently supplying an exclusive handful of restaurants around Australia and sells locally at Hobart’s farmgate market. 

Implementing traditional techniques from around the world Adam’s condiments are unique in that they use only the best of seasonal Tasmanian produce. Traditional methodology made with local ingredients. All condiments are aged in locally made ceramic crocks and every batch is a one-off. Like a good wine – every vintage is unique – and no two condiments will ever be the same.

All ingredients are natural (and organic where possible) with no fillers, numbers, added sugar or vinegar. 100% fermented goodness. Teeming with probiotics and beneficial bacteria – healthy and delicious. Eat me with anything.